Saturday, January 28, 2012

Map of Kepler-22B Revealed!

Well, here's the map. The sectors are laid out in a vaguely Mercator projection. You'll notice a tab above labeled MASTER MAP. This will hold the master map and a quick guide to the sectors in terms of climate and overall geography. Remember, I'll produce the hex maps so they all match fairly well, and I will be making up a great deal of the geographic details as I go, so don't worry too much right now about what a sector holds.

I'm claiming Sector C6, and since Roger Burgess asked for a random sector, I'm giving him Sector D8. I probably won't send any maps until early next week.

So - if you want to play the game and design a sector, get in touch with me here, via email or on Google + and I'll hook you up.


  1. I2 looks like a pretty interesting sector. I'll take that, please.

    jrients gmail etc

  2. I'm big on S3, I/O at backus.greg gmail

  3. I claim K9 please. E-mail on its way.

  4. Could I go with X-10?

    liberinterdico from Gmail.

    1. You got it! Map should arrive sometime in the next week.


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