Friday, April 13, 2012

A World Where Dino's Evolved from Man?

Well, no. Not at all really, but you do need a snappy headline in this blog game.

Some scientists are throwing around the notion that intelligent life on other planets could be of the dinosaur persuasion. They don't really have any evidence, of course, but I think we can all agree that the rigors of scientific accuracy went out the window long ago for some members of the community (i.e. we need a freakin' grant - think of something cool).

Still, it's worth thinking about in terms of writing a sci-fi setting (which this blog is supposedly about). Humans, of course, have the brains, but we also have the thumbs, and that's pretty important if you're going to fashion lasers and rocket ships. On a planet of intelligent dinos, what if none of the dinos with intellect also got the digits to put it to especially good use. They can think and philosophize, but they don't have the tools to dig deeper into the mysteries of the cosmos. Meanwhile, some other branch of the family got the thumbs, but not the sense to use them. So, when planning your sector of Keppler-22B, please give some consideration to super-genius saurpods or just good old fashioned intelligent raptors, won't you.

GIF found at HATE:WRECK:PERIL, along with these dandies ...

These are the Transhumanistas, a biker gang of cybernetic women who roams my sector of K22B

This is the greatest movie ever made (yes, better than Citizen Kane)

These are the silver faced androids of Crux-12, preaching their gospel in my sector of K22B


  1. I'll have an extra serving, please. Don't skimp on the biker cyber-babes.

  2. I quite literally haven't thought about Micronauts in 30 years. Nice.


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