Saturday, April 19, 2014

New Report from G-9

The survey team in G-9 has found a new species:


Saurians (lacerta entia Keplerii-Martinii) are shy, greenish humanoids, approximately 2m tall and have been seen singly or in groups of up to 6. They appear to have lizard-like skin and have been officially designated as ‘Saurians’, though the survey-teams insist on calling them ‘Lizardpeople’. They are manifestly intelligent as they use complex tools. Their observed technology is primitive, appearing to be at a broadly ‘Stone Age’ level, consisting of what appear to hunting weapons such as spears, and strap arrangements worn about the body which appear to be toolbelts. Several settlements have been noted (designated ‘Saurian Settlements (SS) 1-17) hereafter). Whether these Saurians are the same as, or a related species to, the Reptiloids reported by the Bituin Expedition in Sector I-5 has not yet been determined.

Native Settlements (56.36)

This area contains several small settlements of Saurian natives, all situated in marshy areas. Each settlement contains a number of ‘hut-clusters’ - typically, one larger hut (3-4m) will be surrounded by a small number (1-5) of subsidiary buildings (approximately 2m) as a rough ‘cluster’ up to 15 metres in diameter, arranged on the edge of bodies of open water. Each settlement so far identified is made up of 1-6 of these ‘hut-clusters’. The natives appear to be involved in complex water-management strategies; it is assumed that this is some form of aquaculture, perhaps involving the cultivation of shellfish.

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