This is the master map for Kepler-22B


Rows 4-7 are tropical or semi-tropical.

Rows 3 and 8 are temperate and often to hold deserts or dry scrubland.

Rows 2 and 9 are also temperate, but tend to more fertile and wooded.

Rows 1 and 10 are cold and consist of taiga and tundra.

Assigned Sectors:

B8 - 176W x 124H - Luke DeGraw - Sand sea desert and ancient, weathered mountains.

C6 - 241W x 124H - John Stater - Tropical jungle, contains ancient ruins of "Preserver Domes" and is inhabited by dinosaur-like creatures. Also contains Jones Station, which garrisons a squadron of Galactic Rangers and serves as the base camp for the prospectors of the Sol-Aldebaran Mining Company.

D8 - 176W x 124H - Roger Burgess - Mountains, the upper plateaus quite dry, with variable landscapes at lower altitudes.

E1 - 45W x 125H - Sandor Gebei - Taiga and tundra

G6 - 241W x 124H - No Assignment Yet - Notable, because this wooded sector holds Port Gernsback, a star port and traditional deepwater port that is usually the arrival point for off-worlders.

G9 - 124W x 125H - Red Orc  - Wooded, temperate area with a great lake - probably a bit like the Great Lakes region of the USA/Canda.

I2 - 125W x 124H - Jeff Rients - Windswept volcanic islands, about the equivalent of Iceland with a warmer climate.

I5 - 124W x 241H - John Till - Ocean and island

K9 - 125W x 124H - Simon Forster - A bunch of ocean with a fertile, green island.

L9 - 125W x 124H - - The deep blue sea.

S3 - 176W x 124H - Greg Backus - Mediterranean climate, quite hilly.

T3 - 176W x 124H - Jim & Jody Garrison - Mediterranean coasts, mountainous interior.

V3 - 176W x 124H - Porky - Center of a shallow inland sea.

V4 - 214W x 124H - Chris Sakkas - A narrow strip of land between the ocean and a shallow, inland sea. It is temperate land, soaked with rain and those valleys not stripped of good soil are fertile.

X10 - 45W x 125H - ZZarchov - Taiga and tundra.

Note - the numbers are the number of hexes wide (W) and high (H) of each sector map.


  1. Requesting some deep sea action (L-N, 9 or 10)

    Basically, seeing the opportunity for a geologic research post manned by an advanced alien species (abberant mixed-grill). They have a stated policy of non-interference with other species not in their confederation and shouldn't run into anyone else down in their lab at the bottom of the sea, but accidents happen...

    Their main interest is in the land mass "column" from X1-A10 and the central sea. Most of the other worlds in the system are either solid rock or gaseous. This water-rock mix is almost identical to their homeworld.

    1. Sounds good. Shoot me an email if you can (my address is over there on the right) so I can email you back the sector map. Thanks!

  2. I want D9, C9, D8, and C8. Thank you


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