Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Every Alien Planet Needs a Good Logo ...

... and thanks to Judy and Jim Garrison at Hereticwerks, Kepler 22-B has one!

Says the artiste:

"We've been working a bit on our section of Kepler 22-B, and have created a graphic (a sample is attached) that we're using in our side-bar and in our posts to identify our Kepler 22-B/Strange New World posts. One of the other contributors to the Strange New World project has asked permission to use this graphic, so we thought that we'd contact you and offer to make this graphic available for use by the members of the project as a free resource. We have set up a Page at Hereticwerks that spells everything out fairly simply. The graphic is free to use, so long as we are given credit, it is not used commercially (without permission), and it is shared alike. A variety of sizes are available at the Photobucket folder in both JPEG and PNG format, and we can make things available in other sizes/formats if asked.

You can see the graphic in the right-hand side-bars at both Hereticwerks and Garrisonjames, and it will be in-use at John Till's SciFi-RPG blog currently under construction."

So, my sincerest thanks to Hereticwerks for the spiffy logo. If you are a contributor to the blog and want to use it, make sure you follow the rules. I don't want to have to sic Star Patrol on your sorry utt!


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  2. Thanks for mentioning my FATE SF blog which is located at

    The blog is focused on FATE-based space opera indie RPGs such as the "Starblazer Adventures", "Diaspora", and "Bulldogs!" RPGS.

    I am using an Open Universe multi-setting compatibility approach to most posts on my blog for organizations, aliens, worlds, etc.

    So, OSR gamers who visit Strange New World will find items on my blog that they can adapt for fine OSR games such as "Rogue Space", "Humanspace Empires", and "Stars Without Number".

    I am looking forward to populating my sector of the Kepler-22B world map in the very near future. I hope other indie gamers who are fans of space opera will also consider requesting a sector.

  3. I'm going to do a post for your blog in a couple days - hopefully that will drive a couple viewers your way.

  4. Thanks! Jim's logo in large looks really nice on your site, btw!


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