Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stocking Your Sector

Not much of a post today - just a thought exercise in what "things of note" you might stick in your sector. Feel free to add a few yourself in the comments.

By the by - Almost ready to send out the first maps! Just need to add rivers to one and coastlines to a couple others. So excited to see how this works out!

I was walking through a sector of Kepler-22B and I came across ...

  • Alien village
  • Alien town (what would they sell in their markets)
  • Explorer science camp
  • Mineral deposit
  • Glowing crystal deposit
  • Tar pits (with or without alien beasts)
  • Carvings on face of mountains
  • Chasm filled with ... 
  • Ruins of alien city or town
  • Copse of exotic trees
  • Stronghold of alien warlord
  • Lake or pools with strange properties
  • Wreckage of ancient astronauts
  • Entrance into mythic underworld
  • Caves that make strange sounds or emit weird vapors (watch out John Carter!)
  • Clone fields
  • Hot springs, medicinal or otherwise (perhaps an alien spa?)
  • Sacred alien burial ground
  • Sacred alien elephant graveyard
  • Caverns dug by dholes
  • Crop circles
  • Alien yacht regatta
  • The sleeping place of something from Beyond
  • Mysterious tower
  • Circle of standing stones
  • Freak storm
  • Radiation zone (what lies within?)
  • A secluded valley where apes evolved from men!
  • Alien lamaserie in the high mountains
  • Domed settlements beneath the sea
  • Explorer survey team
  • Explorer mining camp
  • Waterslides! (but who built them ... and why?)
  • Hermitage
  • Wreckage of explorer spaceship
  • Alien simians raising an explorer child as their own
  • Holes
  • A black monolith
  • A white monolith
  • A red pyramid
  • Ancient bunker (command and control for what? does it still work?)
  • Alien road sign or carriage house
  • Village high in the trees or buried beneath the roots
  • Ancient canals or other such public works
  • A functioning star-portal (or semi-functioning star-portal)
  • Strange spores
  • Elastic vegetation
  • Ooze pits
  • Force fields (that emanate from?)
  • Fungal forests (but what do they feed on?)
  • Light bridges
  • Ancient transport tubes running through a thick rainforest
  • Field of mirrors
  • A transporter pad hidden beneath the underbrush
  • The final resting place of a menacing super-computer
  • Ancient factory maintained by nanobots
  • Alien caravanserei
  • A supernatural force imprisoned within a prismatic barrier
  • Salt mines that run for miles underground
  • Forgotten super weapon within a hollow mountain
  • An alien plague
  • Explorer supplies floating down a river
  • Tree house of horror
  • Space gods dancing atop a mountain to invisible flutes
  • Camp of mutant rebels (I am Spartacus-3000!)
  • Space pirate camp
  • Foul smelling vegetation grazed on by beasts with exquisite coats
  • Time cave (or Cave of Time, if you prefer)
  • Lake of bubbling mud
  • Volcano about to erupt
  • Trees with giant pods in the shape of people!
  • Clone of Abraham Lincoln (or maybe a statue of him being worshiped by aliens)

And much, much more ... what have you got?


Image from Wikipedia

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