Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inspiration: Planet Stories

How did George Lucas create one of the largest and most profitable science-fiction franchises in history? Why, by ripping off (legally, mind you) just about everyone he could find! Why not do the same?

Enjoy some inspirational images and story titles from Planet Stories!

Goddess of the Moon
Martian Terror
The Girl from Infinite Smallness
The Dragon-Queen of Jupiter
Mutiny Aboard the “Terra”
Invaders of the Forbidden Moon
Vassals of the Master-World
Monster of the Asteroid
The Lorelei of Death
Thief of Mars
The Thing of Venus
The Last Martian
Black Friar of the Flame
Task to Lahri
Venus Enslaved
Colossus of Chaos
Alcatraz of the Starways
The Blue Behemoth
The Eyes of Thar
The Silver Plague
The Vanishing Venusians
The Bubble Dwellers
Juggernaut of Space
The Great Green Blight
Engines of the Gods
The Blue Venus
Enchantress of Venus
Cargo to Callisto
Warrior-Maid of Mars
Witch of the Demon Seas
Martian Nightmare
Black Amazon of Mars
The Star-Saint
Captives of the Thieve-Star
The Virgin of Valkarion
The Timeless Ones
The Incubi of Parallel X
Vengeance on Mars
The Pit of Nympthons
Swordsman of Lost Terra
Sargasso of Lost Starships
Calling World-4 of Kithgol
Tonight the Stars Revolt
Captive of the Centaurianess
The Man Who Staked the Stars
Master of the Moondog
Warlock of Sharrador
A Sound of Thunder
Mars Minus Bisha
The Man the Tech-Men Made
Sword of Tormain
Cage of a Thousand Wings
The Brain Sinner
Dawn of the Demi-Gods
The Ambassadors of Flesh
Mary Anonymous
Telportress of Alpha
The Vanisher
Ultimate Eve

Remember, these titles may still be under copyright, so be inspired, but don’t take what isn’t yours!


Compiled via Golden Age Comic Book Stories

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