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Sector I-5 - Intelligent Life Inland from Manila Bay?

New Manila Bay area

North shore of Hex 180.73: Several catamarans of local origin can be found hidden in small waterways within the wetlands on the north shore of Hex 180.73. Further exploration inland leads to the discovery of a cluster of several mud huts like these:

Photo c. 2012 John Everett Till

Exploration of the area around the huts proves slow going, as they are built on algae-rich shallow wetland areas with 10-20 cm of stinky green water over a dense layer of mud that is .5 to 1 meter thick.

The huts vary from 5-8 meters in diameter; inside the huts there is a variety of small objects (cutting tools, small piles of painted shells and stones, reeds woven into likenesses of wetland creatures). The center of the hut slopes steeply down so that the “floor” of the hut is in fact a bowl of wetland water with a mud bottom about 3 meters below.

A water-filled channel near the bottom of the hut pool connects this hut to a network of channels leading to the other huts. Visitors will feel they are being observed the entire time they are in this area.

Scanning the nearby forest areas with field glasses will indeed reveal that the explorers are being observed by several brown-green bipedal dinosauroids. These creatures are slightly taller than average humans: they’re about 6’8” tall. Most of them are caked in semi-dried mud. They also carry spears. They will withdraw if the explorers approach.

Hex 180.172: A bit further inland is a lagoon with deeper water. In the middle of the lagoon, three large plant structures rise up above a mud island. These structures are similar in diameter to the huts. The flat round upper structures of these plants have numerous holes. Some contain eggs within them.

Photo c. 2012 John Everett Till

All content copyright 2012 John Till

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  1. Today, we added some follow-up content with stats for Diaspora over on FATE SF:
    dinosauroids-in-sector-i-5.html"Dinosauroids in Sector I-5

    More to come there this week, too!


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