Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sector I5 - New Manila Bay Marine Encounter Table

Our good friend John Till - the workhorse of Strange New World - has written in with a marine encounter table for New Manila Bay in Sector I-5. Enjoy!

Encounter Table - New Manila Bay Marine Encounters

Roll 2D6 and consult the results below.

2. Red patch of water
3. Pod of Rotorfins chopping its way through a school of fish – swimmers beware; number encountered 2-12
4. Quiescent patch of 1D100 nontoxic Cnidarians
5. Bioluminescent group of 1D100 Cnidarians engaged in synchronized pulse-signaling – Roll 1D6; result of 1-3 = toxic group, 4-6 = nontoxic group
6. Dinosauroids swimming deep under water; number encountered is 1-3
7. Dinosauroid catamaran fishing fleet; number of catamarans encountered is 1-6 (2-12 dinosauroids per catamaran, armed with blowguns, nets, spears, knives, and poison powders)
8. Huge hungry mosasauroid
9. Pod of Nautiloids; number encountered is 4-24
10. Radiation trail leading to 1D4 Enigma Boxes on the Bay floor
11. A school of 2D12 armored fish
12. Lone underwater dinosauroid guiding a pod of Rotorfins – toward you; number of Rotorfins encountered is 2-12


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  1. Get out of the water!

    Workhorse is right. John's putting me to shame for one.


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