Sunday, February 12, 2012

Inspiration: Fantasic Universe

Another batch of inspirational titles and images (some featuring a well known barbarian), this time from Fantastic Universe!


Time in Thy Flight
The Other Tiger
Little Men of Space
The Fire and the Flesh
Shadow on the Stars
The Double Occupation
Meet Miss Universe
Uncharted Pathways Lead to Astounding Surprises on the Frontiers of Tomorrow in the World of … Just Around the Corner
The White Rain Came
The Riddle of Ragnorak
In the Still Waters
The Soldier from the Stars
The Man from the Flying Saucer
Epidemic on Venus
The Cartels Jungle
Rafferty’s Reasons
Hawks Over Shem
So Near the Darkness
Conan, Man of Destiny
Wednesday’s Child
The Minority Report
Keepers of the House
The End of the Journey
Passage to Anywhere
The Assistant Self
The Lair of the Phoenix
Satan on Holiday
The Ivory Tower
A Question of Time
The Mechanical Man
Snowstorm on Mars
Exile from Space
Conquest Over Time
Gods of the North
Wish Upon a Star
Lone Star Planet
Intruders on the Moon
Pfui on Psi
Shield Against Death
Pawns of Tomorrow
World in the Balance
Terror Over Hollywood
Seal of the Damned
The Flying Saucer Myth
Conan the Victorious
Revolt on Mercury
Death for a Hunter
Soldier from Tomorrow
What Pilots a UFO
Meet the Extraterrestrial
Bear Trap
Rendezvous with Destiny
Shapes in the Sky
Deadly Science
Bait for the Tiger
Needed – Space Intelligence
Thundering Death
Who Rules Space
Satellites of the Future
Substitute God
Arm of the Law
Ka the Appalling
The Amazing Mrs. Mimms
Shadow of the Sword
Seed of Violence
Operation Cassandra
The Enlightened Ones
Ward of the Argonaut
The Number of My Days
Attack on the Moon
The Army Comes to Venus
Robot Son
The Abominable Snowman
City of the Tiger
Halloween for Mr. Faulkner
Planet of Waste
Curative Telepath
Twelve Months and a Day
The Peacemakers
The Waters of Death
To Mars and Venus in the Gay Nineties
Skies of Infamy
The Mind Thing

Remember, these titles and images may still be under copyright, so be inspired, but don’t take what isn’t yours!


Compiled via Golden Age Comic Book Stories

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