Sunday, February 5, 2012

Inspiration: Fantastic Adventures

Another batch of inspirational titles and images, this time from Fantastic Adventures!


Revolt of the Robots
The Invisible Robinhood
Invaders from Sirius
City Under the Sea
Horror Out of Carthage
The Man from Hell
The Purple Conspiracy
The Robot Peril
Death Over Chicago
The Prince of Mars Returns
Termanites Invade New York!
The Little People
Jalu of the Radiant Valley
The Blue Tropics
Norris Tapley’s Sixth Sense
The Whispering Gorilla
Lancelot Biggs: Master Navigator
Jongor of Lost Land
Paganini – Man or Devil?

And deserving of a better view, their impressions of aliens from our own Solar System.

In my mind, these are the species of the Solar Confederation, a fractious alliance of the peoples of the Sol System joined together in exploring the galaxy.

Remember, these titles and images may still be under copyright, so be inspired, but don’t take what isn’t yours!


Compiled via Golden Age Comic Book Stories


  1. Great Stuff! It would be a lot of fun to build new alien species using these images as references and inspirational jumping-off points. Those Saturn-people are just one-small-step from HPL-territory...

  2. Yeah - I was going to do just that for Space Princess over on the Land of Nod blog.

  3. Cool! It'll be nice to see what you do with these aliens.

  4. Good to see all the humans have guns. Must be NRA members


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